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They Laughed At Me When I Told Them I Was NEVER Going To Work For Any Man, But After I Made Quite Over N10 Million Naira in Less Than 8 Months With Various Sure Fire Online Business, Who Is Laughing Now!

"Learn How A Young  Ibadan Guy Makes Truckload of Profit Online, By Diversifying Into Various Internet Based Business, and How You Too Can Make A Bank's C.E.O's Salary Without Working As Hard As One!"

From The desk of Gbolagade Adetunji

Ibadan, Nigeria.

Dear Friend & Loyal Subscriber,

If you are just too sick and frustrated about all the "white lies" about making money online, believe me this is the BEST letter you will ever read about earning a consistent passive income online.

Believe me when I say this is not like all the craps you find flying around the internet, this is the real deal and as such, you are advised to drop whatever you are doing, adjust your chair and read this letter to the end if truly you Desire To Make a Truckload of  money online that your noisy neighbour will get jealous at you success.

Who Am I To Say This?

Honestly speaking, if you don't know, you definitely must be brand new to Internet money making in Nigeria. I am one of the top young internet netprenuers in Nigeria. Ask Google.com, it will tell you more about Gbolagade Adetunji. It's a pride when you have a good name recognized by the almighty Google. Those Scammers out there wouldn't tell you to search them on google.

My name is Gbolagade Adetunji Aka "Prof Fiverr", I have been making a consistent amount of money from the internet for over 4 years now and I still do.

I run various internet based business and I tell you, ALL of them are EXTREMELY profitable and glory be to God for that.

"The Day I Made Up My Mind To Be My Own Boss"

I could remember vividly while I was in the university, I was so broke, I could hardly afford to eat common N100 rice! It was that bad I tell you...

Back then in school, you need to see the way my friends' family pamper them with lots of cash as pocket money, what about me?

If I Hear!

My parents are still managing so I had to take care of myself. My dear brother, poverty isn't good at all...

Just because I want to be comfortable and have the things my mate and colleagues in school do have, I will have to do different menial jobs .

My dear friend, it was not fun at all!

While I was doing all these menial jobs, in my mind I had this strong conviction that there are other means I can easily use to make money really fast and easily.

The feeling was so strong I was obsessed with finding out how I can make money easily.

One day I was going through a copy of a sport newspaper then I came across an information that changed my whole life..

I discovered that one could actually make so much money with the internet!

As soon as I discovered this, I hit google, then I searched for..

"How To make Money online!"

believe me, this is the WORST decision I have ever made!


the result Google gave me was an outright scam for reasons I don't know!

How Were They Scams?

Most of all the so called money making programs where outright scams and believe me, you don't really want to know how much I've spent on all those scam I tell you!

Good News At Last: To God Be The Glory, I later discovered internet based business that actually works, and as soon as I did, I wasted no time, I started doing them and the results where amazing I tell you.

In less than 5 months I  already made over N1.2 Million Naira monthly, 6 months later I was already making steady and reasonable amount of money online.

Here are the list of the various online business that made me over N13,000,000 last year:

1. Fiverr

2. Adsense

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Football Betting

5. Importation Business

6. Referral Programs

7. Information Marketing (The ultimate one which contribute over 50% of my earnings)

Here are Verifiable Proofs!



Glory be to God for what I'm today!

The internet business is really profitable, I now live the dream lifestyle I have always wanted to live...


My House is 90% Ready, Glory Be TO God...

The New Hummer Jeep I Bought Recently....

My Hummer Jeep (My Noisy Neighbour Thinks I'm Doing Yahoo Yahoo, who cares! LOL)

There i am cruising my H3 out. It's damn pleasurable to drive in.

Imagine! Few years ago when i was serving (NYSC) In Bauchi State, here is the HUMMER i ride then...

Corper Gbolagade Adetunji and Corper Author cruising their 2 wheel HUMMER in Tafawa Balewa LGA, Bauchi State.

Believe me, I'm not showing you all these to brag, I'm doing this so that you'll know that I know what I'm saying and doing...

Honestly speaking, if I can do this, you too can, I don't have 2 heads. And it pains my heart when I see Nigerian youth and working class people alike, wasting away precious time and not banking on the HUGE opportunity the internet provides.

Trust me when I say that there is so much money to make on the internet and if you are not making AT LEAST extra N100,000/mnt online, you are really really missing!

Don't take my word for it, here's what top expert have been saying:


"As far as I am concerned, Gbolagade Adetunji is the MAIN Fiverr expert in Nigeria.

80% of the people in Nigeria who make money from Fiverr today learnt how to do so directly or indirectly from him.

This package  of his is really comprehensive and straight to the point.

I also like the way he takes time to show you his main methods of making money on Fiverr.

If making anything from $600 - $2000 per month on Fiverr is what you want, then you shouldn't bother learning it from anyone other than Gbolagade.

In fact, your NEXT action should be to order for his Insane Package  and devour it like crazy.

The results you are going to get will prove you made the right decision. I am convinced about that."

That's What Toyin Omotosho Said About Me...

When I Host Seminars, It's Always SOLD OUT!

When I organize trainings, It get sold out and I have to lock out several hundreds of people. It hurts me so much to see many people that ought to learn from me denied the privilege because of how fast my seminars sell out.

Not only that, Many of the trainings hold in Lagos and few in Abuja and Port Harcourt. People far away from these locations are often denied the privilege of learning from me in my seminars.

I therefore decided, created an HOME STUDY PACKAGE  that will take you by the hands and show you my ALL my "Evil" money generating secrets.

You wouldn't need to travel down to Lagos to attend my live training once you have this.

You wouldn't be denied access to my trainings because the hall has been filled up…

So many young guys are making a KILLING online! Why Not Join us?

Finally You Can Now GRAB My Sure-Fire Cash Generating Secret

...Almost For FREE?

Yes! you read that right...

After so many BEGGING, Pleadings, and persuasions from many of my friends, colleges and HARDCORE fans I have finally made up my mind to give just few people access to ALL my money getting vault of information.

Normally I don't do this, but who am I to say "NO" to what over 3000 people among my over 210,000 subscribers who pleaded with me to do? I no be God Nah (LOL)

That's contact of over 160,000 subscribers in one of my database

That's another contact of over 50,000 subscribers.

You now see that i have over 210,000 subscribers and just a few of my subscribers plus you will benefit from this superb offer.

Everyone in the industry knows me for one thing: Whenever I create a guide, I always deliver BUT my products and packages are ALWAYS priced on the HIGH side, and there is a reason for this....

I Don't Want To Deal With Time Wasters

 and Freebies Seekers!

Believe me, I DREAD time wasters and I detest freebies seekers, so let me warn you upfront, if you fall under these categories, kindly close this website because the inform I'm about to reveal to you is not for you at all, at all, so kindly leave this website if you are a time waster or a freebies seeker, I will be fine with that...

Are You Still Here?

Good For You! Now I BELIEVE you are really serious about making real cash online. And for that I have prepared a very tantalizing hard to refuse offer just for you...


"Crazy Profit Offer!"

"Insane Entrepreneur FINALLY Gives ABSOLUTE ACCESS to

 Collection of ALL His JEALOUSLY Guarded Money Making Guides and Info Responsible For Making Him Over N18 Million Naira in Less Than 14 Months!"

When I told my close friends and colleges about this "Crazy Profit Offer"  I'm offering you, they all screamed!

They called me names, and even told me to my face that it was an insane business decision.

YES: They are very right, it's an insane business decision and It's not typical of me, BUT I have very good reasons for  offering this insane offer..

It's a way of saying a big "THANK YOU" to all my hard working, dedicated subscribers and to all my Die hard fans.

Here are Some of What You are Going to Get:

1. Complete Video Training course on Information Marketing Business: Truly, I do setup information marketing business for my students at the rate of N25,000 only but, it's important you know how to go about it yourself. This is the exact course content for the seminar held and it's a must have.

2. Google Adsense $1000/mnt secret: The only time I taught about google adsense, I showed how to create a blog and integrate adsense to it like my www.gistsofnaija.com. I sold this video guide for N10,000 only back then.

3. Camtasia Studio: A software used in creating video tutorial just like many of my courses created in video format. This piece of software is worth over N20,000 in retail value when you buy it online. If you are venturing into information marketing, it's a must have.

4. Fiverr Video Training Course: This is the course i have been selling since 2012 and has created dozens of fiverr millionaires in Nigeria. It sells for N6,500 on www.mrofiverr.com It's the second course content for the seminar held.

5. A-z of Importation Biz: Importation business is what i do recommend to anyone who approaches me and ask for the easiest internet business to do and start seeing result sharply. This comprehensive guide teaches how to start importing goods from China, UK, Usa etc at cheap prices and sell for good profit in Nigeria. You need no marketing skill to do this coz i did a great job in this guide. It sells for N6000 at http://www.importationbizguru.com/guide

6. Football Naira Rainfall: This teaches on how to easily generate between N20,000 - N50,000 weekly predicting football matches' winners on Nairabet and other football betting websites. During the present world cup alone, i have made over N70,000. It sells for N6,500 at http://www.makemoneywatchingfootball.com

7. Collection of over 20 different FIVERR Money Making Guides: The collection is worth over N75,000 in value. These are fiverr money making materials created by foreign colleagues and Mentors. They are exactly what i studied before I became expert in fiverr money making and made N8,000,000 in just 3years from Fiverr. I am giving you my Library of Fiverr money making...

8. Social Trading: My good friend and colleague; Olaide Alim created this report and he sells it for N5,500 on his website; www.mysocialtradingguru.com/info.htm It teaches how to earn as much as $500 monthly on Autopilot. You just invest your money and earn returns monthly.

9. How to Design a Website in Less than 60minutes: All my websites, i personally design them. Just like this website you are on, it took me less than 1hour to create it. I will give you the software to use as well as the complete tutorial on how to go about it. Some people pay between N20,000 - N50,000 to get simple website like this setup for them. Learn to do it!

10. Collection of superb materials I Used in generating over N8million in 2012: Access to quality information is what distinguish a successful person from struggling ones. The collection here include: Millionaires' fastlane, 12months' millionaire, Akin Alabi's "how i made 9m in 2008" etc. I sell these for N6,500 on www.naijawealthcoach.com/mybboffer.htm

Believe me when I say that this material worth over N80,ooo.

But when you get it, your money problems are automatically over!

So How Can You Grab This Internet Wealth Creation Package Today?

On a normal day, I will NEVER EVER do this kind of thing. And you and I know that each of those guides and packages above are extremely valuable and they are worth Gold and the fact that it's coming from an expert makes it extremely valuable.

So How Much Will This Package Cost?

Earlier on, I said this "Internet Wealth Creation Package" worth over N80,000. It's the fact.

But it will not be nice for me to sell this package at that price because we have students, house wives and working class people reading this offer, so paying N80k is not helpful.

So how much will it cost you then?

N60,000? No...

N40,000? Hell No!

N25,000? No No No!

Okay it goes for N20,000 BUT you're wrong!

Okay let's stop messing around...

The "Internet Wealth Creation Package" will cost you JUST N15,000 Only!

Yes that's right, all you need to get your copy of the almost sold out "Internet Wealth Creation Package"

is just a token of N15,000.

I'm sure you can't wait to get your copy right away.

If you have not made up your mind to get it, I will simply advice you to do get your copy today.

The "Internet Wealth Creation Package" will be available for the ridiculous price of

N15,000 only!

If you order within the next few Days!


This is because I intend advertising this offer online and on some really big magazines and I will be selling it for N30,000 and trust me, so many people will be absolutely ready to get a copy of this insane package.

      Trust me, you no longer have an excuse for not making all the money you want online!

Now Is Time To Join The Internet Money Makers Club!

                                      How To Order Today

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile transfer of any amount due based on the prices above into any of the banks below. The account details are:

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Silverplatter Solutions
Account Number: 0040128749

Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank
Account Name: Gbolagade Adetunji
Account Number: 0131061719

Bank: First Bank of Nigeria Plc
Account Name: Gbolagade Adetunji
Account Number: 3029054434

STEP 2 - After payments, kindly send an email to tjproffiverr@gmail.com with the subject "INTERNET WEALTH CREATION PACKAGE". In the mail, specify your;

1. PHONE NUMBER (very important),

3. YOUR FULL DELIVERY ADDRESS, ( This is necessary because this package will be on CD format and will be sent physically to the address. I use EMS courier,  or Public Transport Drivers to deliver to where ever you live in Nigeria)


PS: Delivery address should come in easy to track forms like:

Mr. Gbolagade Adetunji, No 25, Adegoke Lawal Street, New Ife road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Mr Samuel Smith, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Jos, Jos, Plateau State.

Let's round up.

Believe me when I said that the fact that you read this sales letter to the very END shows that you're really serious about breaking that jinx of earning online. I can boldly tell you that that's the way it will actually happen to you.

It's your time to make truckload of profit from the internet, don't blow it up, and put it in mind that I will NEVER run this type of offer in anytime soon.

Think About This: Get My "Internet Wealth Creation Package" And Make INSANE PROFITS in few weeks after implementing all i taught in each course covered .

See You In The Bank

Your Friend and Internet Business Expert

Gbolagade Adetunji (08059588773; 9am - 4pm, working days only)
CEO: Silverplatter Solutions

Gbolagade Adetunji (Prof Fiverr)

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